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Small Business Stories from New York Times:
How Minimum Wage Changes Affect Tipped Workers and Diners
3/5/2024 4:02 AM
Higher prices? Fewer places? As several states consider lifting wages for tipped workers, here’s how the shift is already playing out in the nation’s capital...Read More
Beaufort Watches Is One of the Four Brands in New Zealand
3/2/2024 4:01 AM
Robert Kwok founded Beaufort Watches, one of only four such businesses now operating in New Zealand...Read More
Inside the Funding Frenzy at Anthropic, One of A.I.’s Hottest Start-Ups
2/20/2024 4:02 AM
The company raised $7.3 billion over the last year, as the lure of artificial intelligence changes Silicon Valley deal-making...Read More
Kam Ghaffarian’s Moonshots
2/21/2024 9:25 AM
The entrepreneur wants to help build the new space economy, one Prada spacesuit and Jeff Koons-filled lunar lander at a time...Read More
Protecting the Rights of Independent Contractors
2/8/2024 12:48 PM
Readers who are self-employed react to an Opinion guest essay. Also: Nikki Haley; fears of extinction; cutting sociology; the agony of the bulls...Read More

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